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The river Trent

Posted in fishing with tags on February 23, 2011 by jamiekingsley

“All in good time lad”.

Fishing has always been in my blood. Since the age of five my grandad showed me how to read the river, looking for little telltale signs where fish may patrol. It wasn’t too long before I was catching nice size fish, chub mostly. Spending time on a river pays dividend, which was easy for me because the Trent ran beside my grandads field. So I had a half a mile stretch to my self, “happy days”.

Hemp was doing the business then and still doing so to this day. Having time to fish most days and nights I soon realised where different species would be feeding. Each swim would be completely different from the next. Having all this water to my self gave me the watercraft and knowledge to pick out the bigger fish.

This specimen fishing lark didn’t come cheap in them days. A pint of hemp would of been a week’s pocket money, so you had to put your bait in the right place.

It wasn’t until the the late 80s when I really started to hit the river hard. With a little more money I started experimenting with flavours and bulk seeds. Still using the same old paste tho! The bigger fish started to roll in Manley carp. I’m not going to bore you with a load of pictures with me and fish.

Out on the bank most nights was and still is a treat! It was in the early 90s when I threw all my attention on barbel, this fascinating fish didn’t come easy! It was all about timing, especially when targeting bigger fish, it took me three seasons to catch my first double. That was a good sized fish in those days. Still fishing for big chub and carp I managed to get the timing just right so i could get four hours chub/carp fishing in before I switched over to barbel. Nice having half a mile to play with, this way I had the best of both worlds.

Apparently barbel were uncatcheable in the winter months but bumping in to a chap called Archie Braddock put me in the right direction on winter bait, shall we say putting some spice in my life, and that it did! Flavoured particles defiantly worked for me, with good bait on a rising river in winter/summer you could see some real stocky big barbel on the bank.

Always the one for sticking to my guns I found a deep very snaggy swim – the one that produced the bigger fish. It was a very strange swim that could be dead for a week then go mental for two nights, I still don’t know what that was all about, may be moon phase! Might need another blog for that one, but that swim produced my first ever 14lb barbel.

I can honestly say I deserved that fish!