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End of a season

Posted in fishing with tags on March 8, 2011 by jamiekingsley

March 14th is very nearly upon us once again, with everything just springing in to life it feels like the warmer weather would never return, I will get a couple of sessions in before the river closes it’s doors, Love or hate the close- season it’s a rest for nature, especially after the bitter winter we just had. I intended getting more time on the bank, but just before december I remember it reaching -20°, must of been mad to leave the house. But you don’t catch being indoors, I don’t mind being cold but that was just ball numbing! For the first time ever living on the trent for 38 year that I saw parts of the trent frozen over. I’m not complaining I’ve enjoyed every moment of being out there. A years fishing I will never forget.

Im Looking forward to the new season with a plan I’ll never give up on, Until then I will set my stall out for carp, happy fishing folks here’s to the new season.

Good luck


Keep to your plan

Posted in fishing with tags on March 6, 2011 by jamiekingsley

I had a liitle feeling that it was going to be slow last night, something just didn’t feel right.I had the one fish early hours of the morning which was very welcome.

I must of got woken up several times last night by the loudest woodpecker on earth,

The wind changed direction three times in the night, maybe that was to blame, or a bad moon phase, oh well, I’m back home now making new rigs for my next trip.

Let’s hope my plan works out better next time, until then….

Good luck

Trent update

Posted in fishing with tags on March 5, 2011 by jamiekingsley

Well another night under the stars, back on my beloved river,I just get this little feeling that it’s going to be a slow night, But I could be wrong,The peg I’m fishing is a deep hole about two meters from the bank. I had five fish from it last week so I know it’s a good spot! I’ve noticed the river is very quiet with no fish topping, Maybe that’s a sign, let’s hope my little baits work there magic.

Anyway the BBQ was superb with spring minted lamb, Its not all about catching sometimes just being here and absorbing your surroundings is good enough for me, I’ll keep you posted.

Wish me luck,